TV is dead. Long live TV!

There’s a great presentation from Mobile Behavior called “Hybrid Media: How Social is Enabling Event TV.”  They discuss how today’s youth are predisposed to be more participatory while watching TV, rather than just sit back passively.  And TV still provides the environment that can bring millions of people together for common, shared experiences.

Importantly, they stress that TV and the internet are not a ‘zero-sum’ game, rather technologies that are converging to reinforce and amplify each other. The key question they pose is:

So how can television programmers and advertisers get involved in this emerging behavior and enhance the experience?

To Mobile Behavior, it’s what they call “Conversational Geography.”  The key is to create “collaboration of programming and content across screens” (the “second screen”).  They view this as possible through a variety of channels, platforms and activities.  We’ll look into some of these in our next post.